What İs Masago – Masago Sushi

What is Masago?

Masago is one of the most prized roes that is small, crunch, and salty-sweet, sometimes mild bitter. It has a savory taste that not overpower fishy, thus the reason for its wide uses in sushi garnishing and other dishes decoration.

Masago is a capelin egg, a small fish found in the cold waters of the oceans.

Masago, a popular ingredient in Asian cuisine, is sought after for its distinctive taste and is considered a specialty product, and Masago is widely consumed.

Masago Sushi Eggs: Health Benefits and Downsides

Sushi has its own fan base. Masago is a very popular dish

Popular in Asian cuisine. Masago roe deer is considered a special product due to its distinct flavor. In this blog post, we will focus entirely on Masago Sushi Eggs, Masago definition, Tobiko, and Masago and see what are the health benefits and disadvantages.

What is Tobiko?

Tobiko is a flying fish roe that lives mostly in tropical warm water. This is why natural tobiko has a vibrant red to orange color and extremely bright. On the market, tobiko is often sold in color dyed such as black, yellow, green (wasabi, slightly spicy), and red.

Tobiko, flying fish roes dyed with Wasabi in green color

The difference between Masago vs Tobiko

New sushi lovers often mistakenly or confused between the two. So what is the difference between masago and tobiko? In theory, masago is the smaller, naturally duller egg of Capelin while tobiko is of flying fish. This makes tobiko larger, brighter, more flavor (often saltier sweet), and also crunchier. You will often find tobiko in black, red, orange, and green with wasabi flavor.

Tobiko flavor is of course more intense and distinct compare to masago but still not over-powerful. That’s why tobiko is also used anywhere masago would, but more often as filling or as main ingredients. Tobiko also works better than masago in Gunkan nigiri, for a fish lover that is.

For those who love sushi but not much favor of the fishy smell, than masago is actually more favorable due to less intense flavor and taste, scent, and other things too. Another is that masago is usually cheaper in price, thus, many restaurants using masago in substitution, even though their menu called for flying fish roe.

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Masago keeps the metabolism and body healthy and vigorous.

You can eat Masago about 400 500 calories

You can easily eat Masago from all the regional restaurants near you and restaurants on maps.

Masago Yes, it is extremely healthy and beneficial. Can be applied as the first step to a perfect body

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